Happy Birthday!

Dear Melvin,

I love you.

I don’t need to know what state you were born in, what you looked like as a puppy or what your first family saw in you that made them pick you. For me, seeing you was love at first sight and as far as I’m concerned, your life started when we rescued one another. This is your forever home.

Did your allergies start when you were born? I still recall the day that we went all-day and you had not itched once, I felt great success. How could someone give up a dog because they were ‘too itchy’? To be honest, I’m thrilled they did. You belong with me.

You are celebrated every day sweet boy. I applaud you overcoming your fears (brooms) and aggressions (hangers) and am proud we comfortably co-exist with both those things as we continue to tackle (not literally) other dogs.

Happy 7th Birthday to my squishy face, exuberant, love bug! You move me forward. You are pure joy and I’m blessed to love you!

Love, me.

PS. I’m sorry I woke you up at 4am on your big day and then left for the Bahamas but I promise I have very fun things planned for you while I’m gone and lucky for you, we celebrate Birthday Month in this home!

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