Are you there Sandy, it’s me, Melvin.

Apparently someone named Sandy came over.  I never saw her but you don’t have to meet her to dislike her.  Boooooo Sandy!  Here are a list of my grievances with you lady…

  1. Sandy must have stood on the roof with a fire hose cause every time I had to ‘go’ I got soaked.  I tried to turn back and go inside but She kept telling me to go potty.  I gave Her my best ‘but I can go potty in the house look’ but She was not buying it.  I also learned a new set of words that I still don’t know the meaning of which include “Hurry up” and “don’t let a tree fall on you”.
  2. The raincoat She put on me was useless, it was as if I was in a pool, water came at me from all sides.
  3. Sandy was very, very, very, very loud and I think the tress were pretty upset about it also cause they were doing some dance that must have been their way of saying ‘go away Sandy, you’re too noisy’.
  4. I was scared.  I mean I don’t usually get scared but every noise Sandy made sounded hurtful to me and worry set into my bones and soul.  I paced and climbed up into Her lap whenever possible.
  5. I had such a tough time sleeping through Sandy’s torturous visit that I spent most of the night standing on top of Her as she laid in bed. She tried to get me to lay down but my legs were locked.  If Sandy had shown her face to me, I would have poop’d on it.

We got some water in the basement and a roof leak but all in all She says that this is the worst storm the house will probably ever face so we did pretty great!  Hopefully all our friends in the storms path (including but not limited to Nola, Mazzie, Moe, Heidi, Nemo, Melanie, Annie & Paul) are OK.

Our prayers go out to all those impacted by the storm.

Don’t make eye contact with Sandy, she seems mean.

8 thoughts on “Are you there Sandy, it’s me, Melvin.

  1. We’re doing good here in RVA, Melvin! Annie and Paul weren’t too impressed with Sandy either, they spent the last 30 hours wrapped up in their thundershirts driving Mom and The Hubbs nuts!

  2. First of all, I CRACKED up at the title of this post! Love it!

    So glad that you are safe Melvin, sorry about that dang Sandy! I’m glad she didn’t stick around for too long!

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