Who cares.

When I first got Melvin I crated him. Actually, he was crated in a room with the door to the room shut when I was gone. This was due solely to Max having run of the house, Max being old(er) and my feeling that Max did not need or want Melvin all up in his bizzy while I was gone. Of course the end goal was that Melvin would have full roam of his the house. Two months later, Max crossed over the rainbow and I put Melvin’s crate away. After our fair share of separation anxiety training, he was living large with access to everything but the panty.

Does Melvin have the occasional accident in the house? Yes. I don’t care. Does he abuse my bed making efforts every single day. Yep. I let it go. Does he take things out of the bathroom trash, investigate them and leave them laying on the floor. Grody boy does indeed do this. I find it somewhat endearing. The custom pillows on the couch are his literal stomping ground. I can always replace those pillows. The odd thing about all of this is that I am a total neat freak. Like I might be certifiable. I have made my bed every day since I was a Freshman in high school.

Love does conquer all.

Yesterday I came out of the shower surprised to not see Melvin in my room. Until of course, I did see him. And yes, prior to this, the bed was made.

Warm and fuzzy.

We got not one but two Tiennot Knits Sweaters this week!  One is purple and white (those colors have no meaning to me other than I knew they’d look spectacular on Melvin) and the other is his Christmas sweater (you’ll have to wait until the holidays to see those photos!).

Let me explain all the ways that Tiennot Knits is da bomb– the sweaters are custom-made (so boys won’t go a peeing on them), are awesome to look at (I mean Melvin is like ten twenty times cuter when he’s wearing one), they hold up in the washer (I guarantee this) AND most importantly, they donate a portion of every sale to animal rescue efforts.

1 + 1 = ?

Although Melvin would have you think otherwise (he is pretty content being an only child), the visit with Little Man went pretty well!  Yes, they are boys, so at times they barked at each other.  The funny part is, they sort of complete the other.  Melvin is a Chihuahua trapped in a very large body.  Little Man (again, not his real name) is a Mastiff, shrink wrapped to 25 lbs. Both of them were put on this earth to bring the laughter, and the funk.

I am going to apply to adopt Little Man!  Don’t get too excited, the adoption process for this rescue is pretty stringent.  Also, a lot of people could apply for him.  A lot.

I’ll keep you posted.  Until then, here are a few funny shots of the boys purposely ignoring the other.

Friday with Melvin: Uninvited guest.

Hey guys, Melvin here.  She left me this week.  Black rolly bag came out and off she went. My other love, Vasha came and we had a pajama party and watched some show about crazy Housewives, I kinda dig that show.  It’s got a lot of drama, KIND OF LIKE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW.

Let’s outline this week:

  1. She left.
  2. She came back.
  3. I tipped over the black rolly bag cause I’m boss.
  4. She just left again and returned with this guy (and his foster mom)…

This uninvited guest dude and I are not sure what to make of one another.  She says he is staying with us for the weekend. She said his family had him and another yellow lab (like me) but they decided not to keep this little guy, even though they’d had him for four years.  Uh, news flash:  they probably didn’t want him because A LOT OF NOISE COMES OUT OF HIM. I think he’s part pig.  It has not been smooth sailing, there has been lunging and snarling.  But there have been some ok moments too cause I’m a pretty chill guy and I’m REAL good at ignoring midget dogs.

He’s in a tie down right now so I’m pretty sure that means him and his mom will be leaving soon.  I mean his leash is already on so that’s a good sign. Right? How many days is a weekend?

San Diego.

I went to San Diego for work this week. It was 100 degrees. I’m sure the stories of San Diego having delightful weather are true (especially based on the fact that some places don’t even have AC) but I found it to be hot, hot, hot.

So this post is a bit random to just catch up on posts I would have done if I had not been plotting my next shower…

San Diego did have perks: The Pacific Ocean, The Hotel Del Coronado and some really great Mexican food…

Next, I have never been much of a law-breaker but I 100% thought about car-jacking this car! Look at those faces!

And as always, coming home is the best part!