Happy Love Day!!!

The boys want to wish everyone infinite amounts of love today!  If you don’t have a valentine or if you are looking for extras – Melvin and Jake volunteer!  They will be here, in their AWESOME valentine sweaters (made by their super-wonderful dog walker), waiting to love on you.

Love. Is. All. You. Need!

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Oh Melvin, take 4,589

Melvin man will be turning nine in March. Don’t even get me started on trying to figure out where time goes.  Anywho, we go to the vet so much for so many random things that I recently realized I don’t  think we have ever gone to discuss ‘future’ issues.  It’s always been ‘today’s conundrum is…’. So a few weeks ago I took Melvin for what I like to call his ‘he’s-turning-nine-how-are-we-doing-and-what-can-we-do-to-make-sure-his next-nine-years-run-smoothly’.

Almost-nine looks good on him. photo

The good news is that aside from allergies and his stupid liver, Melvin is pretty darn healthy! His joints are good and limber and aside from his stupid liver, his blood counts are all good. His eyes are growing older, the vet said that he likely can’t see very well at night.  I have night lights all over the house (cause I trip a lot) so he is covered there.

Since moving Melvin to a raw diet, I have been able to get him off a couple of his allergy meds (yay!).  We decided to test his allergies again (it’s been almost six years).  When the report came back in, our vet was afraid to share the results with me.  I assumed it was because he was now allergic to me. It turns out, he is NOW allergic to the two things he’s been eating and doing so well on – beef and pumpkin.  Oh Melvin.

Raw worked for us for a couple of reasons, the main one being that Melvin has colitis and on kibble his urgency to go #2 is often frantic.  With raw, that urgency was gone.  We have had much fewer skin infections and his energy level has been awesome.

After the allergy test we moved Melvin over to a prescription kibble that contains stuff he is not allergic to (kangaroo and oats) but the urgency issues and accidents are back.  I have finished my study of which raw diet to put him on and think we will try lamb. We are also starting back on allergy shots (that I will give him).  Before, when we did shots, we were never able to get him off any of his meds and I had serious doubts the shots were doing anything that they meds weren’t taking care of. Now that he is off so many of his meds, the shots might be just what we need to get him off the dreaded prednisone.

In the meantime, I tested the new kibble on Jake.  I try to feed Jake the same protein source as Melvin just in case Melvin ever gets to Jake’s bowl (I mean I’m very vigilant but sometimes I am pouring wine distracted). Jake seems to have an iron stomach and handles food transitions really well.  This time,  Jake had an allergic reaction and itched so much he developed an infection. No Kangaroo hunting for him.  Oh….Jake.


Since Jake loves laying near the fireplace and I have a shopping addiction love shopping for the dogs, I bought him a new ‘fireplace area floor pillow’.  So far he is has laid around it, near it,  but not on it.  At one point he even pushed it out-of-the-way. I’m not sue why he finds it so unacceptable.

Hurtful, Jake.  Hurtful.

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Yo Bro.

The brotherhood is alive and well!  Melvin doesn’t play so he continues to refuse all of Jake’s advances to do so.  Jake is still an annoying little brother at times and will try to leap toward/and bite Melvin’s face (for no reason) but luckily he can’t reach that high so it’s usually not an issue.  For the most part, they can be found close by one another, and I LOVE It!

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My migraine dogs.

When you get a dog, there are no guarantees about how they will deal with future things.  Like your next dog, your next child, your next boyfriend.  In those moments, I hope for great and plan for awful.  At the end of the day, you figure it out.  For me, I had no idea how my dogs would do with my migraines. My migraines come on quick, they last from twenty-four to forty-eight hours.  During that time, I am down for the count. There is no opportunity for a slow introduction between your dog and migraines and I have never once seen an area on a rescue profile about ‘super well-behaved if they think a migraine is in progress’.

Max was great on migraine days.  He would lay next to the bed (he was 100% against getting on furniture) and never made a peep. I figured he was my blessing dog, that I’d never find that again.

Melvin has been with me for hundreds of migraines.  Hundreds!  Where Max was great, Melvin is AWESOME. He requires absolutely nothing more than I can give on those days.  He never asks to go out, he waits until I can make it downstairs.  He requires no treats, even though I keep some in my bedside table for moments such as that.  He never barks, even when I know he hears something.

Melvin assumes the migraine day position:photo

How did I get two awesome migraine dogs???!!  When Jake came, I figured that streak had ended. That all hell would break loose.  His normal noise factor alone made me immediately come up plans for him.  I figured he’d have to be downstairs, separate from me on migraine days. Worse case, he’d have to go…FOR THE DAY, not forever.  I was wrong.  Even though he snores, somehow I can motor through that.  Jake takes most of his cues from Melvin so he has learned to hunker down.  Sometimes, if I get sick, I turn and he is there.  Staring at me with THAT face and THOSE eyes.  Almost as if to say ‘I’m here, you OK’?  Best. Medicine. Ever.

My only rule of migraines is that once they are over, we don’t dwell, we don’t spend hours kvetching about lack of cures.  It’s the least I can do for a life that has given me three awesome migraine dogs!

I mean seriously, imagine waking up to this face!1 13 14