The eye saga continues.

Jake’s eye.  That eye really likes center stage.  It does not want to be a pair with the other eye, oh no, this eye would move to the center of his forehead if it could.

The good news is that the graft is starting to heal nicely.  We went in for our fourth appointment (the one month since surgery appointment) and the graft is FINALLY healing as they want it to.  Yay!!!

The concerning news is that, the red growth (that had started growing a week post surgery), was continuing to grow.  It is near the area where they harvested the graft  tissue (under his eyelid) and it is so big that his eye lid either can’t let it out or can’t let it back in. It actively bleeds, all day long. It is about the size of a marble.  We are seeing one of the premiere eye surgeons/ophthalmologists on the east coast and her exact words were ‘I have never seen anything like this’.

If I had a $1 for every time I’ve heard that.

I put a photo of Jake’s eye on our our adoptive parents FB page for the rescue I got Jake from and again, everyone said, never seen anything like that.  And that group has seen A LOT!

So the doctor removed it and sent it to pathology.  We are still awaiting those results.  In the meantime, within only days of being removed, it’s growing back.  I’m trying to stay on the positive side and patiently (ok, fine, I call to check on the arrival of the pathology report several times a day) waiting to see what it is.  Until then, although he has been cleared for the cone for the graft part, this growth is keeping him in the cone longer.  We are now in our 8th week of that mother bleeping thing.  There is a bonfire in that cone’s future.

Here is Jake, mean-mugging after I woke him up trying to take his picture.  IMG_5653

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