We have a cat now.

Not really, but sort of.

I’m allergic to cats.  The type of allergic that swells my eyes shut. I got allergy tested when I was younger, my back swelled up from the cat test-prick so much that I had to spend a night in the ER.  Thus, I have never been much of a cat fan.

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed a fairly young cat in the neighborhood.  Everyday I see it walk by my office window but when I run to go and see if I can intercept it, it’s gone (hence not having a photo of it). I have posted that there is a stray and a description of the cat on a few neighborhood FB sites to see if the cat belongs to anyone. So far, it does not.

I don’t have to love cats to not want this tiny creature to go without food or shelter. So now, we have a cat. I’ve named the cat Bob. I don’t know if the cat is a he or a she, but to me, it’s still Bob.

I bought cat food and I leave food out for the cat everyday.

I bought the cat an outdoor cat house.  You read that right. I know the cat lives in the sewer (others have seen it entering and exiting) so I have to guess this cat condo is just as, if not more, accommodating. It has a front and back door, in the case of an intruder (that seemed important) and it has plastic flaps on each door to keep wind and rain out (I took the front door off for now thinking that Bob is not skilled on cat condo door operation yet).

I hope to catch Bob (no clue how this will go down) and get it to the vet for shots and spay/neuter. I am not sure what the plans are past that.

That is pretty much the update. We have a cat. Its name is Bob. I have only ever seen it through the window.

The other related update is that Doug likes cat food.



11 thoughts on “We have a cat now.

  1. This made me almost spit out my coffee laughing. Specifically “thinking that Bob is not skilled on cat condo door operation yet.” Doug has no idea what he’s gotten himself into with you!

  2. Hahahaha!! Of course Doug likes cat food! 🙂

    Before we got into rescuing/fostering dogs we did cats. We worked with our apartment manager and caught/spayed and neutered all the kitties. The friendly ones we found homes for and the feral ones were spay and release. If you can get Bob to be comfortable around you and you can work up to petting him/her then it’d be pretty easy to put Bob in a carrier. If Bob is super feral you might have to use a live trap, in which case after Bob gets used to getting his meals from you in your kitty condo you would just switch out the condo for a live trap with food in it. If you do the live trap method you’ll need to have a place setup for Bob to heal after surgery. A garage or bathroom would work great for this, because cats are houdini magical escape artists. If you use the live trap method just know when you release Bob he’ll probably disappear and be mad for a few days before coming back around. LoL Good luck!! Thanks for trying to catch and spay/neuter him!

  3. I was simply a dog person. 20 years ago my first love Shadow (husky/malamute) befriended the neighborhood stray cats. They would sleep wrapped in her tail to stay warm. Of course food was provided and we built an insulated cat house which Shadow guarded when the cats rested inside. Present day: my home is filled with double cat and double dog love💙❤💚💛 Love lives on!

  4. Bless your heart! Hope you can make friends with Bob!

    We have 5 cats , in addition to our 11 dogs. I’m a sucker for strays!

  5. I cracked up reading this post, especially not knowing how getting the cat to the vet “will go down”. Can’t wait for that post! And I agree with an earlier response, you are a good person.

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