oh melvin

Melvin is one of the greatest loves I have ever known.

He was a ten-year-old (adopted when he was three) rescue dog who was allergic to earth. This blog started off to chronicle his rescue and subsequent life (the good, the great and the sometimes ugly) of my special needs dog. His first life was not so wonderful but his forever life was full of joy and a lot of unconditional love. He brought me infinite happiness and made me a better person.

Oh so sadly, Melvin passed away in April of 2015, after a very brief battle with cancer. While we will always feel heartbreak to have lost him, this blog continues on in his memory and it brings with it all the love and joy he brought to us.

Photo credit: Kate Juliet Photography

Photo credit: Kate Juliet Photography

Cover photo credit:  Kate Juliet Photography !

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8 thoughts on “oh melvin

  1. Hi Tracy — It has been a long time 🙂 I just found this through your linkedin post. I just love Melvin!! You are so lucky to have saved such a great dog. I also have a rescue, Bob, he is a black lab and the love of my life. I work with So. Cal. Lab. Ret. Rescue here and I just love helping all of the dogs get their new forever homes.

    I would love to hear from you 🙂
    Lori Farrow (Thompson) formally with Diagnostic Research/Added Value

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