the bobs

I am VERY allergic to cats. So I find it odd that feral cats seek me out.

Bob #1 is a feral cat that kept coming to my house so I fed Bob #1 and eventually noticed Bob #1 was getting…larger.  So yeah, Bob #1 is a lady cat and she got knocked up and we don’t judge. She was trapped with her kittens, they were adopted out, Bob #1 was spayed, ear tipped and microchipped to me. I even bought her a condo to heal from her spay in. She hissed at me every time she saw me.  So much love. IMG_4522

Then…Bob #2 started showing up. I know, I know, you are in awe of my feral cat naming powers. Bob #2 was trapped, found out he’s a boy, got fixed and chipped to me. Bob #2 is actually very sweet, never hisses and I sorta love him. That’s his A-Frame condo in the corner of the picture. People who are allergic to cats should get A-frame house discounts from Amazon. IMG_8369

Lately it’s just Bob #2 that comes to eat every day. Bob #1 might have joined a gang.