Riley (aka Melvin)

As mentioned in my last post, I was very close to deciding on a dog with LRR. As also mentioned earlier on in the blog, I like to stalk my own ideas so of course I checked the LRR site religiously during my dog search. Riley, as he was known before me, popped up onto the site as I was deliberating about dog two and I was completely smitten with his cuteness. His bio clearly stated he had allergy issues and I took that with the same amount of concern I would have taken if it had not mentioned an allergy issue at all. I just didn’t care, I loved his face.

He was in PA and was going to be moved to the next foster in DE shortly so I waited (impatiently) until I could drive-up and see him. He met me at the door with a tremendous amount of energy and excitement. We played in the back yard, went for a walk and the visit ended with me on the floor and him laying in my lap. His fosters were wonderful people, foster mom was the truest of all animal lovers and foster dad served our county. They were both salt of the earth. I still think back to that wonderful moment of meeting them all.

I no longer had any doubt about how I’d know which dog was right. I’d found him. On the drive home I called LRR and asked if I could adopt him. They were a bit shocked that I was not going with dog two. My voice could not have conveyed more certainty. I told them I was committed to whatever his allergies required (I really had no idea what we were in for). They gave approval and started making plans to transport Riley to Virginia for the last test, meeting Max.

As I walked back into the house that afternoon still full of excitement, I took one look at Max and knew that for the most part, he would not share in this joy. I was suddenly brought back down to earth. In regards to this decision, Max would always wonder why. Through tears I stood firm that this was best. This was best. Please let this be best.

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