And then there was one.

Max and Melvin ended up having two months together. To this day, I see things in Melvin that Max used to do and I know that in the short time they were together, Max was able to bestow some great wisdom onto Melvin. The day we put Max down the vet came to the house and Melvin went to stay at the vet. I thought it would better for everyone that way. I won’t dwell on those moments with Max, they were some of the most difficult hours of my life.

When evening rolled around that day my sister suggested it was time to go get Melvin. I was overcome with worry that Melvin wouldn’t work out, that we wouldn’t bond, that I would never love him the way I should. The reality of that moment was I was filled with so much grief and love for Max, I thought maybe Melvin would feel like a stranger (him to me and me to him).

It was closing time at the vet when we arrived and immediately each person in the practice came out for hugs, tears and condolences. We were all standing around chatting when the waiting room door flung open and like a horse out of a starting gate Melvin came barreling through the doorway, weaving in and out of obstacles and between each person until he got to me. In a room of 15 people he b-lined for (and into) me. All 97 pounds. On one of my saddest days, he flung joy upon me. I never doubted our connection again. At that moment one thing was certain, we had rescued each other.

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