Melvin’s new house.

Moving is beyond stressful. There comes a time when the movers are loading the truck at the old house where you just want to say ‘You know what, just leave it, let’s go’. I was anxious to move, to have a new house, to decorate and unpack all the wonderful new things I’ve purchased. My light at the end of the tunnel was clear. Melvin likely felt trapped in the tunnel, walls of boxes all around him. I really had no idea how he’d respond to the new environment.

Melvin went to the vet the day of the move. He got a bath and some loving from all his friends at Great Falls Animal Hospital. I love our vet, Melvin is beyond overjoyed every time we turn into the parking lot. We’re so blessed that way. After the movers left I unpacked Melvin’s bag so when he returned he’d have his bowls, his 500 beds, his Kong’s and balls. I brought him into the house that night and so far, he’s doing great. He slept soundly and pretty much returned to his normal routine (up, walk, breakfast, nap, etc) the two days we’ve been here. He’s barked some, certainly not as much as I’d expected. My family has been here so he’s just been loving the full house and abundance of attention. So much so that he now has ‘Happy Tail’. More bloody details on that next. Meantime, here are some photos of Melvin’s new house.

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