I’m not your nurse.

I suffer from migraines and there are days when I skip work (Melvin loves this part) and retreat to the darkness of the bedroom for time under the covers (Melvin still in love with the concept). Inevitably, I get sick. My previous lab Max would sit by my side the entire time. When I’d opt to lay on the cool bathroom floor, he’d drape himself over my legs to comfort me. He was in it for the long haul. Melvin’s love is far more conditional. I’ll run into the bathroom (Melvin thinks ‘oh fun, chase’) and kneel on the ground (‘I love my mom, she is coming down to see me’) and then…This is the exact moment Melvin cannot get away from me fast enough, you’d think someone was chasing him with a water gun the way he runs downstairs, only hitting every third step in his swift getaway. When I call his name, he wants nothing to do with me. He’s done. Well he’s done until the hunger pains kick in and then he fakes it.

This is where I found him after my last migraine. Clearly he felt his day was harder than mine.

And here’s another of him trying to make the best of the bucket seat.

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