Sweater love.

Not sure if you noticed but Melvin has a very big head. A child once asked me if he was pony. Add to that he is extremely deep breasted and getting him into any type of clothing has been worthy of a reality show called ‘Comedy & Torture’. I once had to cut him out of a XXL dog-sized Redskin Jersey. True story. We figured Melvin would just go through life naked and natural.

Oh not so!!! Custom made, hand knitted dog sweater for just $30 and 50% of the proceeds go to animals in need! That sentence makes me giddy in every way! See Melvin in his below. It was easy to get on, it fits him perfectly (I measured twice) and when I asked for something with orange in it I had no idea it would be so Harry Potter-esqe (bonus)! Perfection indeed!

Get yours here! You’ll LOVE it, your dog will look super cute(r) and you’ll help an animal somewhere who is not as blessed as ours are.

2 thoughts on “Sweater love.

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