In our last house, Melvin slept on his bed at the foot of mine. Every once in a while I’d let him sleep with me (mostly on nights when the huge trees by our house were caught up in huge wind gusts and I figured it would be better for us to die together than separately). When we moved to the new house, Melvin wanted nothing to do with his bed and I let him snuggle up on the big bed. My plan was I’d ease him back into the dog bed as soon as he was used to the new house. That was four months ago.

I have no issue with dogs sleeping with their humans. I also don’t judge when folks prefer for their dogs to sleep elsewhere. To each their own. For me personally, I just want everyone to sleep well. If Melvin is nestled towards the bottom of the bed, I sleep more soundly. Lately he has been a little needy (and greedy), and I find that wherever I am on the bed, he has to be no more than one nano-inch away from me. If I’m on the edge about to fall off, he can be found pushed up against my back (with an entire King size bed just beyond him). Suffice it to say, it’s not working out. I’m happy to share the bed but I need my space.

So ‘You love YOUR bed and you’re happiest when sleeping in it’ boot camp has officially begun. I spent today teaching him that if he goes to his bed and lays down, a treat shows up. His expression indicates that the big bed behind him is likely mocking him.

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