This week, a sweet, gentle dog went to the vet with what was thought to be a urinary tract infection.  It turned out to be cancer, spread throughout his whole body and his family had to make the incomprehensible decision to say goodbye.  It was a matter of hours from one to the other.  It could be counted in blinks of an eye. There were no signs. The void is sudden and raw.  It’s just wrong.

Sosa was a ten-year-old, gentle, handsome, happy boy.  He was one of the sweetest dogs I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  He took treats from hand to his mouth ever so carefully, it was almost as if each were a delicate petal that he was to protect.  If a baby was around, Sosa would be found close by.  I think he related to an infants vulnerability, wanting the child to feel protected and looked over. There was never a worry leaving Sosa with any child, his intentions were tender.  He was pure love.  His four-legged sister MollieAnne is missing her buddy, her partner in crime.  He had three human siblings.  The oldest of those siblings, Hadley (5), would come get Sosa in the middle of the night to sleep with her.  He made the dark feel safe.  Sosa was one of Hadley’s first heroes, a title Sosa wore humbly yet proudly.  Hadley will grow to be a devoted animal lover, in part due to their love for one another. Lesson learned, best friends sometimes have four legs. Blake, Sosa’s three-year-old human brother asked “when can we go to heaven to get Sosa back?”.  Grief knows no age limit.

Each person who knew him will miss him.   I will miss the excitement he’d have for me when I arrived (due mostly to treats I’d bring). I’ll miss the way he sat, it reminded me of a lion (and he had the mane to go along with it). He was royal, a prince of hearts.  I’ll miss the way he looked after his family, his glance was always as if to say “it’s ok, I’m here”.  I’ll miss his beautiful soulful eyes and his wonderful snuggles.

Sosa’s human parents are the reason I became a dog owner.  The love my friend Virginia has for her animals makes me strive every day to be the best mother to Melvin that I can be.  She is my inspiration.  Sosa was truly loved. He knew that with every fiber of his sweet being. Life is better for having had the honor of him in our days.

8 thoughts on “Sorrow.

  1. So, so sad. My thoughts are with your friend, Virginia, as I can honestly say I know almost exactly how she must be feeling right now. Give her lots of hugs, she’ll need them.

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