I am a bit of a neat freak.  I strive for order over chaos.   Organization and list making bring me great joy.  The more things on the list the better. I like to plan, revisit the plan and yes, often tripple check the plan.  I’m constantly in motion, even when sitting still. These things are neither positive or negative, they are just me.  (But let’s be honest, all of the above traits are pretty spectacular).

Melvin is the opposite on almost all fronts. Neatness is not in his skill set. He sheds 5,000,000 hairs a day and I have yet to see him notice a single one of them.  When he drinks water, it drips from his jowls for ten feet, each time.  His preference is for chaos to always rein supreme. He drools,  the drool dries black on light fabric and light on dark fabric.  I still don’t know how it does that.  He runs from window to window to door chasing whatever may or may not be outside and in the process, the area rugs get all jumbled up. The moment just before I try to straighten the rug out, he will lay upon it.  He prefers to sleep with his ass in my face and it’s a deep sleep, one that renders him immoveable

Each of our differences just sort of exist in my day, I don’t fight them in any way.  His shedding, drooling and butt don’t make me love him any less. I may actually love him more because he laughs in the face of my quest for complete control and world domination.

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