Where is my Valentine?

How did Valentine’s Day sneak up on me again? I spend way too much time staring out the window…

Also, I’m a bit worried that my need to bark and lung at every dog in the neighborhood is limiting my dating pool options and not, as I had thought, bringing sexy back.  Is this the case?  Be honest.

Will I ever find love? 

Oh but just you wait.  A new girl just moved in to the hood and she makes me wiggle and dance.  My mom and her mom are pretty tight and I think I have this one locked up!  I shall not bark at her, I shall not bark at her, I SHALL NOT BARK AT HER.  

But first I shall nap.

5 thoughts on “Where is my Valentine?

  1. Melvin, you are too darling! Just try your best not to bark at the new chick in the neighborhood, because no lady likes a man screaming in her ear! 🙂 I bet your mom will snuggle you even if you don’t find a date! 🙂

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