Eating and worry. And more eating.

Recently I posted about Melvin’s success with weight loss.  I got him in June of 2008 and he had reached his target weight by about December of 2009.  Up to about six months ago he had maintained his weight with the perfect balance of diet and exercise.  If we could all be so fortunate!

Over the past few months I’ve started noticing that I can see the outline of his ribs more and more.  With the tail amputation and his general allergic-to-earth issues, he is at the vet a lot so he is weighed pretty regularly.  Over the course of the past six months he has lost six pounds, steadily.  Since he was already at his ideal weight we took proactive measure and increased his food intake.   At his vet appointment last week, he’d lost another pound.  This weekend I noticed I could see his backbone/vertebrae.  Yes, it made me panic a little.  And cry.

But this is Melvin, he has issues and it could be a million different things. The vet has started him on his every-so-often treatment for Helicobacter bacteria/gastritis and we are also going to do a proactive de-worming treatment.  While there is no visible sign of worms, one theory is that something could be keeping him from absorbing all this extra food.  If these things don’t work, we will try something else (more extensive blood testing and endoscopy).

The good news is that the only thing Melvin adores as much as me, is food.  He is very happy to eat more.  Most importantly, if love cures all, he’ll be better in no time!

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