As mentioned in my last post, I left Melvin last week.  Ok fine, the day I departed was his birthday.  I felt terrible. (He had someone come stay with him, so to be honest, I’m not even sure he noticed I was gone).  On one hand, I come from a family that makes a very big deal out of birthdays. I’m blessed to even know when my rescue boy was born, most families that rescue aren’t so fortunate.  Even though Melvin did not know it was his birthday, I knew, so there was definitely some guilt.  On the other hand, we went to the Bahamas, to an Island called Paradise and it was sunny, 80-degrees and people brought us frozen drinks all day.  We saw movie stars, royalty and pro-football players.  I slept in, spent extreme quality time with my family, ate great food and shopped. 

When we were en route to our resort (about a 45 minute car ride) we saw so many dogs. Dogs running in packs, no collars, looking hungry and rough.  My first thought was that Melvin would not last a day in that environment.  My second thought was that those dogs running around had probably never known love.  My third, and most important thought was, spaying and neutering programs are so important.  I’m going to try to figure out how I can make a difference in that last area.

But for now, I’m back.  To ease the guilt of the birthday ditch, I’ll unpack his nemesis the suitcase quickly and put it away.  All he knows is when that thing is out, I tend to leave. He’s a dog, the return doesn’t matter if the enemy is still sitting there, mocking him.  Melvin seems somewhat happy to see me and will now start the ‘I’m-ignoring-you-for-leaving-me unless-you-have-food’ routine.  

This is how far he stayed from me yesterday.  For a dog who lives to be underfoot, this distance is significant.  And hurtful.

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  1. I know this picture was a portrayal of some rude behavior on Melvin’s part… but I can’t help but love it.

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