Funny Finn.

Our family friend’s, Jimmy and Abby, have a Golden Retriever named Finn.  Finn is adorable and sensitive. He’s a lover, not a fighter.  On a recent outing, Abby and Finn went to a dog park.  Another dog walked up to a lounging Finn and the unimaginable happened.  This other dog pee’d on Finn’s face.  Finn, although confused and emotionally wounded, was gentle and understanding.  Abby watched in horror. I think that moment might always haunt her.  As much as this story makes me cringe, it also makes me laugh.  Dogs teach us to find the humor in otherwise unfortunate situations.

Yesterday, Abby posted this update about Finn on Facebook:  “Finn’s only contribution to the bad day was freezing in front of moving traffic (because he was afraid of a little girl’s pink tricycle) so that I literally had to pick up all 70 pounds of him (I hear this is a great idea when pregnant) and carry him to safety!”

Abby gets my vote for pet mom of the week!

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