I have spent the last few days trying to map out all the issues that could arise from having an allergic dog and a visually challenged, diabetic dog under the same roof.  Practical, logical, realistic planning.

  • Make room in the ‘pharmacy cabinet’ for diabetic supplies.  Melvin’s pill supply does not leave much room for needles and blood testing kits. Looks like my collection of must-buy-a-candle-everytime-I-go-to-Target will have to be relocated.
  • Buy another dog bed (Ok, who am I kidding, I bought two so they’d match.  You’ve read my blog before, this should not come as a huge shock).
  • One dog enjoys soft toys, resident dog is no fan of the squeaker noise they make.  Not sure how to address this one.  They should must make noise free soft toys. Amazon will know.
  • New dog takes one pill a day.  Does one pill require a pill-box?  I’ve never had a dog that required less than 3 pills a day. Hmmmm…
  • Both dogs are big drinkers, beer, whiskey, you  name it, as one is on prednisone and one is as mentioned, diabetic.  I found a water bowl so big you could bathe a baby in it.  I’ll take two please!
  • Choose new dog’s name. Done. This is not really an issue per se – but when you are making room for needles it’s always good to give yourself a fun, less overwhelming task.
  • Baby gate.  Need to get this.
  • Figure out separate list for the ‘visually challenged’ part.

The biggest hurdle is that each dog relies on different food and treats to keep them healthy and thriving.  Deviation from that diet for either of them, even once, has consequences.  My plan for that is to label everything accordingly (photo below) and pray to the good Lord that mistakes are few and far between.

(Clearly this is the Melvin treat jar.  New name won’t be shared until the boys meet and it’s all final.)

8 thoughts on “Preparation.

  1. Brutus is also on prednisone and is a thirsty dog! Since we have two others, keeping the water bowl full was always a challenge. We found one of those “upside down fills by itself” kind and are in live with it! It’s not the typical water cooler kind – its black and has a springy thing on the bottom, so the water won’t come out until its in the bowl. We still have to fill it about once every other day (sometimes more often).

  2. I have a soft toy/ squeaker solution. My Molly loves soft toys and yet my husband and I quickly tire of the endless squeaking. Now before we give them to her we take a sharp knive and “stab” the squeaky thing inside. They are just plastic and with a hole they no longer function. We found it was the simplest way to make everyone happy:)

  3. We had to keep treats separate when Lucy Lou was staying with us, since she couldn’t have any treats with grain or chicken in it, and Turk & Rufus could. I wish I would have thought of labeling their treat jars like you did. So smart!

    PS – The suspense is killing me! Can’t wait to hear all about that new pup!
    PPS – I think you are awesome for considering a blind, diabetic dog. You are awesome!

    • Well, thank you! I was pretty proud of myself when I came up with that solution! Also, I think you’re pretty freakin awesome! We need t-shirts!

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