Wait just one minute. (Melvin’s take on Ernie).

Whoa, whoa, whoa.  Why is this guy still here?  She keeps saying ‘good boy Melvin’ so I would have thought the reward would be that He would leave.  In what alternate universe is He my reward for being good?

After we did some playing in the back yard and She first brought him inside the house, he was on a leash so I just assumed someone would walk him right back out the front door.  But after a tour of the house (and her jokingly telling him that one of the two beds in the bedroom was his …hahahahhhaha, good one), she suggested he take a load off.  What the…?  Then things got really weird, His mom just up and left him here.  Does someone need to call protective services and report a child has been abandoned?

This is why I try to lunge at dogs, why I bark at them, why I pretend not to read cues (ok, fine, I have no clue what the cues are). It’s so that dogs don’t stay.  Plus, this guy came with a crap load of stuff: needles (is he a drug addict?), some blood test kit (gross), four different eye drops (are you kidding me), two bottles of pills (ok, who am I to judge this one) and some liquid stuff cause his neck is infected from the nerdy cone he’s been wearing.  What a dork.

Whatever, we’ll see.  She’s got googly love eyes for him but she keeps reminding me that I’m her love.  Am I?

3 thoughts on “Wait just one minute. (Melvin’s take on Ernie).

  1. Poor Melvin! This is the part of your life where you are going to have to learn about sharing. I know it sucks. If you are really bummed and need to vent, just call Rufus…he can tell you ALLLLL about when Turk ruined all of his only-dog fun. He is bitter about it TO. THIS. DAY!

  2. Melvin is handling it better than I expected if they were playing in the back yard, that’s awesome! His post is hilarious! Reminds me of the cats when new cats and then the dogs arrived. Cocoa finally got used to the fact that the dogs aren’t leaving after 4 years of Maggie & 2 of Duke.

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