Bud will not be coming to live with us after all.  While it seems like we ended up 360 from where we started, that’s not technically true.  Bud left a mark. Even in the few days he was here, his life imprinted onto ours.  For a dog that got dealt a lot too soon, he is such pure delight.  He’s a reminder that life sucks sometimes but it’s still your life unfolding and you can walk forward through whatever may come and still remain kind, gentle and sweet.  It’s really the only way to be.

Melvin and I wish him healthier days ahead.  I pray our paths cross again.

In the meantime I dragged the second dog bed to the laundry room to wash it and Melvin dragged it back.  Not sure if that means he does in fact want a sibling or that he wants two beds.  If I know him, and I think I do, it’s the latter.

2 thoughts on “Bounce.

  1. So sorry Tracey! But, I believe things happen for a reason, and I am sure there is another rescue doggy waiting for a wonderful “fur mommy” like you! Brett and I adopted our little rescue guy, Gizmo (mix of several…but, mainly a schnauzer) around Christmas and we love him to death! Kinda like a box of chocolates…you never know what you will get with a rescue, but regardless…it is still chocolate and you gotta love it! Wish we were closer and we could have rescue peeps “playdate”!

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