Lick. Itch. Scratch. Repeat.

While lovely, Spring is my least favorite of all the seasons.  The weather is bi-polar, pollen wreaks havoc on my ability to breathe and I have to put all of my cute boots away.  Spring also gives birth to what I refer to as raw-paw season for Melvin.  Gone are the temperatures that keep his allergies at bay, with each new grass sprout, each new leaf unfolding, he itches more and more and more.  It won’t stay this way, his meds will eventually catch up to the outdoors but for right now, at this very moment, he’s miserable.

For the next few weeks, the norm will be him trying to fit all paws in his mouth at once.  His poor, raw paws.  I wish I could explain the calendar to him and tell him that come mid-May, he will be ok, normal itchy, not raw at all.  Instead, we will go through several baby wipes a day, extra baths, and when necessary, extra meds.  There is a balance there, sometimes itch outweighs medication side-effects, sometimes it does not.

I once tried putting socks on him, he was great about it while I had him in sight.  The moment I’d turn around the socks would disappear.  They would  then reappear the next day, coming out of his butt.  Point taken.

6 thoughts on “Lick. Itch. Scratch. Repeat.

  1. I’m literally laughing out loud right now. “They would then reappear the next day coming out of his butt. Point taken.” I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

  2. “Point taken” – hahaha! We thought about the socks for Maggie, but she and Duke can destroy collars that they’re wearing in 5 minutes. Aside from changing her diet nothing seemed to work. We’ll see how it goes this spring, hope Melvin’s poor paws get better soon.

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