Drive by.

There are four things in life that make Melvin wiggle with delight (he and I share three of them)…

  1. me.
  2. food.
  3. men.
  4. open car doors.

One and two seem pretty self-explanatory.  Three, well I don’t fully understand it although my theory is that he can smell testosterone.  If you hide a man within a 1,000 woman flash-mob, Melvin will weave in and out of the ladies (stopping only for food or me) and locate the one dude in the whole place.  And then he will wiggle with delight to the beat of the song.

As for open car doors,  I have lost count how many automobiles (that are not ours) Melvin has jumped into.  It happens in a flash, we are walking down the sidewalk, unbeknownst to me a car door opens and Melvin b-lines into the car.  He is still on leash and I am still holding the leash but he uses all six feet of it to make his way into some stranger’s car.  Most of the time it is met with giggles and laughter.  A few times there have been screams and the F-bomb has been thrown our way.  He will jump in back seats, front seats and once tried to jump into an open trunk. The owner of the open trunk declared that Melvin looked like Al Gore and said he would tell the story that way, that Al Gore tried to jump into his trunk.

2 thoughts on “Drive by.

  1. HA!! That’s hilarious. Zoe also loves cars!!! She has tried to jump into the trunk repeatedly, and also successfully leapt from the ground through the passenger window of a friend’s car. 🙂

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