Melvin’s chest x-ray, MRI and spinal tap were, for the most part, clear!  They put him on two antibiotics that break the brain barrier (I just like saying that because it reminds me of Dr. House) to get at a few things that could be going on.

I am hoping that Melvin is just a dog that happens to have tremors, who had a one-time seizure, who has unexplained weight loss, is a regurgitating fool, and a dog that slowed down dramatically for no reason. Meanwhile, the neurologist and vet feel that is likely not the case (although they could not deny it was possible).  Currently, their theory is that we should continue looking for a possible primary cancer that we have not found yet.

My gut disagrees.  And trust me, my gut usually sides with  ‘something is wrong’. Maybe it’s denial, maybe it’s that Melvin and I have been through so much that even if it is something, we can manage it.  But with every ‘how are you doing’ that is asked, my response remains ‘great!’.  He. Will. Be. Fine.

Melvin slept wonderfully last night and he was very excited to get to eat today.  He assumed his position on the bed while I got ready.  Just another day.  He will go see an internal medicine specialist when I get back (I have to travel for work part of next week).  Until then (and after that), we will walk, stop, sniff, repeat.

I was talking to a guy that just started reading the blog and he said ‘I love your blog but it makes me sad’.  To that I say, read back a few weeks Anthony!  And hold tight, cause we are going to refocus on the joy ride.

This just arrived for Melvin!  Woot!

2 thoughts on “Yip!

  1. Melvin is already a handsome gentleman, but I bet all the ladies will be calling with his new collar and bowtie! So glad to hear that so far things are clear! I think that our beloved four legged children sometimes get a case of the sickies just like two legged children do – and with time it may pass. Until you hear otherwise, we’ll assume the best for Melvin!

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