Vey Gas.

She went away again this week.  When the small black rolling box came out I got a little excited that it was the smaller of the little black rolling boxes cause that usually means she is back after like four naps.  But all her stuff would not fit in the small one so out came the larger black rolling box.  My least favorite of all of them.  I don’t know how to spit but if I did I’d do it on that thing.  It thinks it is so agile with its wheels but my legs are so much more powerful. I mean I can outrun it AND I can jump over it.  And so what if it can lay down or stand upright, I did that 4 nano seconds after birth. For gosh sakes, it eats clothes, how dumb can that thing be?

She went to someplace called Vey Gas for work.  She always scrunches up her nose and waves her arms around when I have gas but apparently Vey Gas has great shopping so she tolerates it’s stinkyness better. It’s all good though, my dog sitter V came to stay with me and she is so deeeeelightful.  It’s almost as if she is here just for me.  We cuddle and snuggle and we say ‘screw you Vey Gas’ cause we have the couch (She says the couches in Vey Gas are not worthy of sitting on) and Kongs!

Happy weekend everyone!

4 thoughts on “Vey Gas.

  1. Vey Gas is lame – hanging with Melvin is awesome! I am sure your mom wishes she could have been with you instead of lame Vey Gas! 😉

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