When last we left off with Melvin’s health issues, the Neurologist had prescribed two antibiotics to treat any infection that might be present (brain wise) that they were unable to test for.  After just two days on the medication, Melvin’s energy level rebounded to his usual exuberant self!  I’d missed that part of him so much!  He literally went to bed two Thursdays ago tired, beat down and geriatric-like and awoke energetic and bouncy like a 7-year-old lab should be.  His energy has remained up the two weeks his been on the meds, both of which finished up last night.

There are two theories.  One, and this is my preferred of the two, is that Melvin has a Tick Borne Disease that the medical community just hasn’t identified yet — apparently for as many TBD as they know about, there are hundreds yet to be discovered.  So the medications they gave us, which are pretty universally used with all TBD, helped Melvin.  The other, less worthy of the theories, is that one of the meds he was on (Doxycycline) could have reduced swelling in/around a possible tumor and/or if the tumor was infected, it could also have helped with that.

I never thought I’d be cheering for Tick Borne Disease! We are hoping that now that he is off the meds we continue to see bouncy, zoomie, spazzy Melvin.  He still has mild tremors but that could just be the Chihuahua in him.

Happy weekend!

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  1. Happy to hear Mr. Melvin is feeling better! We are keeping our fingers and paws crossed over here for some Tic Borne Diseases! P.S. I re-nomiated you for the Liebster Award over at my blog (I saw that Mr. and Mrs. Nola Kisses nominated us both, but I just couldn’t NOT choose you as well). It’s no secret that I think Melvin is one rad guy, and I love your writing. Congrats x2!

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