Heat attack.

For Melvin, ten minutes outside in the heat equals running two, back-to-back marathons.  He’s panty and uncomfortable.  Problem is, he refuses to be inside if everyone else is outside.

To give him some shade, I put a bed under the table.  That bed does not get a ton of use,  he either opts for the chaise (full sun) or to lay half in/half out, thus adding to his hotness.

Then, when I get the hose out to spray him down, he runs away.  For him, the only thing worse than being hot, is being wet.

5 thoughts on “Heat attack.

  1. Have you considered buying Melvin a cool collar (similar to those bandana things that people wear around their neck to keep cook in the hot months) or a cooling bed (vs. a real bed that might also be hot outside)? I’m not sure how he would react to either, but it might be a good idea. Maybe even give him a frozen kong to chew on outside so that he’s getting a little coolness of it?

    • I am definitely looking into the collar! We tried the bed, he wanted nothing to do with it. The frozen treat idea is great also, I’m going to work on that too! Thank you!!!

  2. Ahhh yes, I’ve had this issue with Rufus. He will stay out waaaaay too long and overheat himself. A cool collar would be a great idea (or even just get him a bandana that is soaked in cold water).

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