Today is Melvin’s Gotcha day!  Four-years-ago, a yeasty, mangy, mess of a dog stole my heart.

I got Melvin for all the right and wrong reasons.  The wrong reason was that I was about to lose Max and knew I’d wait too long to bring a new dog into the house if it was delayed to afterwards.  The right reason was that I loved Melvin the moment I saw his mug shot.  Some things are just meant to be. Balancing a dog that was at the end of his life with a dog that was coming into the joy of being loved and cared for was two full-time jobs.  Poetically, as one drifted away, the other reminded me that there was no option but to move forward.

Melvin has taught me to leap into the day and to only look back if you are absolutely certain you forgot a treat behind.  He shows me every day how to choose happiness and zoomies over complaining and sitting still. Melvin’s approach to the day reminds me that life is happening right now.  Live it.

Four years ago, we both got rescued. I love my boy.

13 thoughts on “Gotcha!

  1. Happy Gotcha Day! I totally understand the pain of losing one dog and the need to bring in another right away (or even letting them overlap a little). Obviously Melvin was meant to be yours – he lucked out with you as a mama!

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