I leave for our annual family vacation tomorrow.  I’m not sure I’ve ever posted just how much I love my family.  We seek time together, we vacation as a group twice a year and love every minute of it.  When people tell me they can only take so much of their family, I cannot understand the words they are speaking.  These are the people who I can lay around with all day and there is laughter and a sense of ‘these are the moments that matter’.

Unfortunately, Melvin does not go.  That is the one part about this annual trip that I wish were different.  The one thing that keeps it from being absolutely perfect.  We fly to the beach but even if we drove, the main issue is that due to Melvin’s allergies (let me stress again that he can have NOTHING BUT HIS OWN FOOD), it’s just not logistically enjoyable for everyone.  The kids drop chips and Cherios, and that is a right of passage for them.  They should dump the Doritos bag upside down, into their mouths and let the crumbs fall where they may.  Melvin would of course eat up the snacks and then as a super fun family event we could all lay down trash bags to catch the blood from his itching.  Then would come the stomach upset, yippee!  After that, the local beach vet.

So he goes on other getaways, ones where controlled substances stay, controlled.  And for trips such as this one, Woofies and V and L take such good care of him.  V stays in the house with him so I doubt he even realizes I’m gone.

So while I won’t be going on vacation with this sweet boy…

I will be spending some quality time with this adorable puppy…

Happy week everyone!!!

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