Where’s Melvin.

I have mentioned several hundred times before that Melvin’s favorite place to be in the whole-wide-world, is underfoot.  At the very least, he opts to be no more than two-feet away.  The other day I was watching TV and realized, for the first time in a very long time, I did not have a visual on him.

I found him, wedged between a leg of the kitchen table and a bench.  Facing a wall.  I have no idea what made him choose that spot.  After a thorough investigation I confirmed he had done nothing wrong.  Maybe he was playing prison?

6 thoughts on “Where’s Melvin.

  1. So funny when you realize that your dog is not where he/she typically would be and you start to laugh as you wonder what new and fascinating place he/she has discovered. Interesting choice Melvin, that’s for sure!!!! Mazzie’s favorite (yet very odd) place to hang out is on top of the coffee table….

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