Poop and vomit.

I’m guessing that many of you who read the title of this post, who also have a dog, nodded a little. Let’s be honest, dog ownership is not all adorable photo ops and snuggles.  There are unfortunate moments.  Most of us walk our dogs and thus have to pick up after our dogs.  On average, I pick up about 730 piles of poop a year. Add that to a dog that has regurgitation issues and I also clean up roughly 200 post-meal liquid-burps.  Oh yes, I said it, liquid-burps. Did I mention he also excited-pees.  I have an entire cabinet dedicated solely to Nature’s Miracle products.

On Sunday, Melvin ate an ice cream sandwich that fell onto the floor. He is allergic to every single ingredient in an ice cream sandwich so I knew the stomach upset was coming.  A day later, he projectile vomited down the steps.  He had just eaten dinner (that included pumpkin, to poetically help aid his digestion) so this throw up was bright orange.  It managed to land on four stairs.  The runner on the stairs is cream-colored.  Now, with orange splatter.

Every time a new person comes to the house, they tell me I have a leak in the kitchen.  Nope, that’s just water that dripped from Melvin’s jowls.  Yes, it can drip for ten feet.

Not every moment is glamorous, but it’s absolutely, without any question whatsoever, 100% always worth it. Love conquers gagging.

13 thoughts on “Poop and vomit.

  1. I mean, how do you not read a post with this title? I feel your pain (a ltitle). Nola is a poop-eater so we have to pick it up from the yard EVERY SINGLE TIME she goes to prevent her from eating it. It’s gross, but we love our pup, so we persevere. Haha, you’re so right, they are worth it though!

    • Poop eating, another fine example of what love can conquer! I am a big believer in picking up every time as I’m usually the one to step in it otherwise.

  2. I luck out that Annie and Paul are pretty hardy pups. However, when they do get sick, I find myself taking turns with the Hubbs for clean up. One cleans, the other goes for donuts and coffee

  3. “Love conquers gagging”…perfect!! The one thing I was terrified about getting a dog was picking up poop, when we got Oscar we got one of those pooper scooper things so I wouldn’t have to touch it, even through a bag. After awhile I realized how inconvenient they are, and “Whatever, it’s just poop!” And vomit, and pee, etc, etc, etc. Great post, I totally LOL’d…sorry ’bout your carpet. 🙂

  4. I totally know how you feel, lady! Besides the puking and pooping (which I’ve always dealt with), Polly has a tendency to drink water and then immediately smile at me, thus spilling all the water she just drank out the sides of her jowls. We have puddles all over the kitchen.

  5. Melvin is quite the interior decorator with a keen eye…. only he knew that the cream colored runner on your staircase needed a splash of orange to really pop!!!! I too have scooped and scrubbed up beyond copious amounts of pee, poo and vomit, so please know that you’re in good company!!!!

  6. Wow, didn’t realize that Melvin was so jowly/drippy! Sorry to hear about the carpet.

    I haven’t even bothered to put the Nature’s Miracle spray bottle away this week, it’s on the pantry counter next to a roll of paper towels. It’s weird how cats can be just as gross as dogs, the mess is so not proportional to their size. Hope Melvin is feeling better!

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