Big dog. Little pillow.

I have mentioned before that although I joke this is Melvin’s house and although he has full run of the house and can pretty much lay around wherever he wants, I want my home to read mostly as a human’s house.  Dog beds lying around make me want to straighten up, like it seems like they need put away.  Melvin has a bed in the bedroom, in his teepee in the loft and in the office for when the cleaning lady is there or in the case someone dog un-friendly comes over.  Other than that, I don’t want more beds. I mean, I only have one bed.

So, for some time, I’ve been looking for a stylish floor pillow.  Thinner, geometrical print, something that looks like it belongs.  I thought I’d found one that would work.  I was wrong.

8 thoughts on “Big dog. Little pillow.

  1. Oh, Melvin!!!! Love how you tried to fit a square peg (you) into a round hole (of a bed (I mean pillow!)). With an 80 lb dog and hardwood floors, I’ve given up and let my apartment “go to the dog beds.” That being said, I still find myself putting them away some days.

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