When I saw Melvin on his rescue site, it was the deepest of all loves at first sight.  I knew instantly, even though the rescue site didn’t really believe in all that instantaneous stuff. When I met him, done and doner.

To be fair, he was probably not all that adorable to other eyeballs.  His hair was wiry and tended to fall out in clumps. His skin was the brightest pink I have ever seen skin be.  He had scabs…even to this day people ask, do you shave his stomach?  No, he lost that hair and it never returned.

Fast forward to today and apparently I need to get insurance on him (a la the way Jennifer Lopez insures her butt).  First the blog following (the best of all the bests), then the calendar (holy wowzers are you freaking kidding?),  and now he is featured on the home page of our dog walking service!

Woofies is not just any dog care service, they are one of the best-of-the-best in all of the universe! Washington, DC metro! They are huggers (dog and people). They know dogs and they understand pet owners.  I mean they really know and understand. I couldn’t do dog parenting without them, they are more of life partner than a service. Oh yeah, that’s right, I’d marry them!  Check. Woofies. Out!

7 thoughts on “Woofies.

  1. Right back at you Tracey – we would marry both you and Melvin if we could! 🙂 We love your little guy like he is one of our own. We are so lucky you found your way to Woofie’s (thank you Jason!!!!) – we absolutely adore your sweet Melvin and you are one amazing doggie mama!! Thank you for letting us feature him on our web site – he is such a handsome boy!!!! 🙂

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