Warm and fuzzy.

We got not one but two Tiennot Knits Sweaters this week!  One is purple and white (those colors have no meaning to me other than I knew they’d look spectacular on Melvin) and the other is his Christmas sweater (you’ll have to wait until the holidays to see those photos!).

Let me explain all the ways that Tiennot Knits is da bomb– the sweaters are custom-made (so boys won’t go a peeing on them), are awesome to look at (I mean Melvin is like ten twenty times cuter when he’s wearing one), they hold up in the washer (I guarantee this) AND most importantly, they donate a portion of every sale to animal rescue efforts.

6 thoughts on “Warm and fuzzy.

  1. 1. Melvin is adorable all the time – the sweater is just icing on his adorable cake!
    2. Thanks for supporting us and sharing about our sweaters!
    3. I can’t wait to see the Christmas sweater – will Melvin be front and center on your Christmas cards?!

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