Democracy is Awesome: A public service announcement from Melvin.

As a dog, I can’t vote.  Now that I think about it I have very little power to make any decisions about my life (except those decisions that tend to get me in trouble). But you get to yield some crazy power today and choose the leader of the free world. Whoa, that blows my giant mind!

She’s a Demolition Cat. Wait, that can’t be right, if she was a cat I’d have killed her by now.  She’s a lib for all.  Whatever, she believes that everyone deserves to marry the one they love (pretty sure she votes this way for me since I’m a dude who happens to prefer other dudes) and She also believes in being the boss of herself (including her own body). She can be pretty power-hungry but I sorta get this one.  Apparently there are a lot of reasons she hopes our state turns blue but regardless, she is pretty sad that my Bark Obama t-shirt is too tight for me this election.  Whatever, that t-shirt clearly shrunk.

She believes in the right to vote, choose your man (and one day your woman!). She says vote your heart and that voting is sexy. So come on people, getcha sexy back!  

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