When pets are sick.

This week my brother and sister-in-law had to take their cat to The Hope Center (one of the premiere emergency pet facilities in our area).  Poor Ginger had a 105 degree fever, was not eating and was clearly not doing well.  The emergency vet decided they needed to keep Ginger, thus started her treatment and care.  This is the precise moment that pet parents realize, they are going home without their four-legged child. Note to the universe: Vets should be allowed to administer Valium to humans.

I have always applauded hospitals for encouraging and allowing parents to stay when their children when they get admitted.  It is the right thing to do.  Unfortunately for pet parents, the accommodations are not as inviting (nor do they allow it — although I did once try to spend the night with Max while he was at the same Hope Center by trying to fit in his cage with him).  Crazy person on aisle eight.

Leaving our buddies for overnight care is overwhelming.  They are in emergency care, usually the doctors are still trying to figure out what is going on and that is the exact moment you have to leave them.  An infinite number of ‘what ifs’ flood you as you leave your sweet dog or cat in the care of, in this case, strangers.  I challenge anyone to not cry on the walk out to the parking lot.

Ginger is doing slightly better although not out of the woods and they still do not know what is causing her to be sick.  Also, for the record, they still don’t make cages large enough for pet and parent. Boo!

How adorable is she!!!?


7 thoughts on “When pets are sick.

  1. Lots of good thoughts for Ginger that she gets healthy again quickly. I’m familiar with The Hope Center and they are a great facility. She is in great hands. It’s never easy when pets are sick. Nemo’s recent scare was really difficult and I don’t wish that on anybody. 🙁

    • I was totally thinking of you/Nemo today as I was talking to Annie, my SIL. I kept telling her that her feelings were normal. I love the Hope Center, I fully expect by the end of my life that they will at least name a room after Melvin! Hope Nemo’s snuggled somewhere close by!

  2. Unfortunately, with 4 dogs and a cat we have been intimately familiar with Blue Pearl, another emergency provider. They have been so good about keeping us informed when one of our fur kids have been kept there and welcomed our calls, too. We have one that is currently being treated for lymphoma (yes, just open up your purse & give them ALL your money), but they honestly do treat him like one of their own. It still is scary leaving them there even knowing that they’re in good hands.

    Speedy recovery for Ms Ginger! She is a cutie!

  3. I agree, it’s always tough to leave a pet at a clinic or hospital, even if it’s for something routine! I’ll admit that I’m one of those that needs the Valium because I want to stay and see that my babies are OK.

    I hope that Ginger starts to feel better and they can find a diagnosis for what’s going on.

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