Little victories!

I rescued Jake for the same reason I rescued Melvin, to save a life.  For Melvin it was more urgent, he probably would have been put down due to fewer being willing to deal with his allergies.  But saving one homeless animal, makes room for the next homeless animal and that next homeless animal’s situation could be dire.  Please rescue!!!!

Melvin does not love dogs as much as I do.  He tolerates them.   I  on the other hand feel love needs to be shared so that outweighed Melvin’s vote of ‘no more dogs’. Everyone in my life knows that for every vote you get, I get two.  It took four years to find Jake.  The deciding factor (after the requirement that it had to be a rescue) was for Melvin to not hate the other dog.  We like to aim high.

Did my hopes and dreams for them include them being as adorably cozy together as Chick and The Dude or  Miss M. and Mr. B?  HELL YES.  Did I really think that would happen, HELL NO.  The boys spend time every day showing each other their distaste for brotherhood.  It can range from verbal ‘exchanges’ to looks of disgust to ignoring that the other even exists.  But there are moments that make me realize that IT COULD HAPPEN

Melvin: Why is he up here?  What happened to tie-down training?

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Jake:  Did his stomach just rumble?  Please tell me it’s not feeding time.

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Melvin: Stop almost touching me.  That pillow is not a cloak of invisibility.

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Each time their legs would touch they would both flinch and hop up.  It was stressful.  And then, this happened…

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I silently squealed with so much delight I thought I might burst.  And then…a car drove by, they ran to the window and got into a verbal scuffle with one another.  Hot damn, I’ll take it!

17 thoughts on “Little victories!

  1. Boney and Brutus were always the same way. Boney liked to boss Brutus around (and Brutus, being the awesome dog that he was, let it happen). Every once in a while we’d come into the living room from another part of the house and the two of them would be snuggled up. Of course, as soon as they saw us, it was all back to normal 🙂 I’ll take the little smiles any day!

  2. Baby steps! I never thought my Cory would “love” our two new additions in Lolly and Max, but now I’ve caught all three cuddling on the couch. It warms my heart. Looking forward to the continuing story of Melvin and Jake! Happy New Year!

    • Maybe one day we will get them all together for a pack walk!!! I have been thinking of starting up a local group of dogs and people to go on hikes — they have them all over and we need one!

  3. OHMIGOSH that is seriously so exciting!! I know exactly how you feel, Oscar is the same way with his “tolerance at best” of our foster dogs. I squee with delight each first time he lays nicely with one of our fosters, and with Cooper – now sometime he actually climbs up next to him on his own and settles in for a snuggle! Amazeballs. And congratulations, seriously. I can’t wait to watch the evolution of Jake and Melvin’s relationship!! 🙂

  4. Woo hoo! Success in small amounts is still success!

    And, you know what? I’m so jealous of Chick and The Dude and Miss M and Mr B for their cuddles. Boomer and Dottie absolutely refuse to cuddle with one another… I want cute cuddling moments and pictures!

  5. That is so great! One of my boys, Petey, is slow to warm up to male fosters, but he is a sucker for any heat source. So I always laugh when I see him ‘snuggling with the enemy’. And then I kick myself when my camera isn’t handy, because getting up and searching for camera reads as ‘getting up to do something food-related’, and all evidence of snuggling is immediately destroyed.

    • HAHAHHAHAHAHAHAH! When everyone is finally comfy on the couch in the evening and then I realize I have to use the loo I honestly think about holding it because they do the same thing (food related)! I’ve started saying ‘LOO’ in hopes they learn what I’m doing and clearly can’t say ‘potty’ since that’s taken!

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