The week in pictures: as told by Jake.

Hey guys, it’s me Jake!  If this new life of mine is a dream, DO NOT WAKE ME UP, I lovey-dove it here!  Even fatty the-big-guy is turning out to be pretty cool. Here is what we’ve been up to…

It’s cold here in Werginya and big-guy and me have the flakey skin from all the dry air so the Lady bundles us on walks and bought some machine that takes the ichies away!



To be honest, I’m almost always chilly.  If I had control over the thermysat I would put it at 1,000 degrees.  I guess the big-guy is a polar bear opposite of me so we have to keep it at 70 so that I am not too cold and he is not too hot.  Lady-lady bought me a super tight sweatshirt that is warm but way uncomfortable (look how I can’t even force my arm down during sleep) and then she got me some jammies.  I’ll be honest, at first the pants part of the jammies made feel like a super-duper-fool (and big-man laughed so hard he pee’d a little) but turns out, these things are da bomb!  Look how cute my ass looks!  Who’s laughin now suckas!

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One of the reasons I look up to the big-M (aside from him being a giant) is because he really knows how to chill out.  Me, I like to run from the front of the house to the back of the house to the front of the house and wait, where is everyone?  Oh, laying on the couch. Huh, that looks fun too.  I have learned when he is laying down, I should take a load off also.  So when he hops on the Lady’s bed, I crawl into his! It’s like an upgrade to first class!

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Happy weekend peeps!  My Lady is working from home today so I have full day of following her around and sitting guard.

10 thoughts on “The week in pictures: as told by Jake.

  1. Oh, Jake! You are quite the character! I’m so glad that things are working out for you at your new home. It must be great to be upgraded to first class all of the time, because from what I gather, Melvin snuggles up in the Lady’s bed every day, right??

    Your jammies are also the CUTEST!

  2. Love the jammies on Jake! The Mr thinks he looks cute too, this is coming from a man who used to say “we don’t dress dogs”. Our 2 have coats for when it’s ridiculously cold like it has been all week. Love Melvin in all the pillows too. 🙂
    Jake and Melvin scored big time when you adopted them!

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