Friday with Melvin. He ain’t heavy.

Yo, yo, yo, yo baby-pop, yeah you come here give me a kiss!  Ha, I love that song, makes me wanna dance!  Sorry, me gets distracted easily.

So I’ve come to a realize-nation, having a brother is not ALL bad.  I mean it’s not ALL great but I might have sold the little dude short in a few areas.  Now that he’s been here a while, I sort of don’t recall what life was like before him.  I mean I try, but all I can see are our days with him here. I wonder if that’s how She feels about me. Maybe he’s a voodooer and took away my old memories away!  Either way, if you asked me if I wanted to keep him or give him away…I would give it a ton of thought and weigh all sides I’d vote ‘stay little man, stay!!!’.

Sometimes, living with him is like looking in a mirror.  A teeny-tiny fun house mirror.  I eat, he eats.  I poop, he poops.  I climb into her lap, he does the same (She does not always love this part, my 80lbs are perfectly delightful on her but his additional 30lbs is just too much), I sway to the left and there he is, bumping into me.  I mean, is he my brother or my shadow?

He still spends his days in the slammer but She has noticed that I go upstairs less and stay down on the couch more.  I don’t know, I guess I feel bad for the dude.  I mean, I’ve been lonely before, no need to make him feel like he’s all alone, when he’s not!  And when She’s home and he gets set free, I spend time teaching him how to roll like Melvin-man — like barking at the brown truck man, and dripping as much water on the floor for the longest distance possible.  A few things he has graduated from are liquid burps and loud random noises.  I’m so proud!

Here is me laying in MY bed, the right way.  And then there is a picture of little dude, doing it ALL wrong.  My work is never done.

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At the end of the day, I know She loves me.  I can see it the way she looks at me, I can hear it in her tone.  I can feel it when I’m near her or when she’s not even here.  And she loves little dude also, so, it’s all good.  It’s hard to complain about SO MUCH LOVE!

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16 thoughts on “Friday with Melvin. He ain’t heavy.

  1. You have a lot of teachings to do with that little dog Melvin – he clearly doesn’t sleep right AT ALL. What would Jake do without you!? How did he get along for so long before finding you?! These questions have no answers, but surely you will make it all right Melvin!

  2. Ummm…I love that last line! Melvin, you’re a great big brother and it only goes up from here! So glad you two are living harmoniously together. Also, where’d your mama get that bed?? It looks fantastic!

  3. Oh, Melvin! You’re being such a great big brother! You’ve taught him some of the “good” stuff and I’m sure, that soon you’ll teach him about chasing little brothers and things of that sort. I’m bringing home a new little sister for my Jake & Harley on Sunday, so I’m really glad you shared your success. It’s been a while since we’ve had a new puppy so thanks for reminding me of what my guys are going to have to teach her!

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