I am coming off of a three-day migraine.  It was as terrible as it sounds, maybe worse.  I can barely piece words together today so I’m just going to say that Jake made it through his first migraine with me (I wish he didn’t snore so much but unconditional love is not always easy!).  Jake was brought up on the big bed for a while.  While he loved it, my sweet Melvin was not so happy about it.  Melvin was made to be with a person who suffers migraines, he lays quietly by my side, and never needs a thing.  We’ll work on you Jake…

They started off separate, and Melvin was clearly not happy about the decision to bring him up…

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Then this happened and it was almost so powerful that it could have cured my migraine with happiness, ALMOST!

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Then Melvin said screw this and moved down..

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Migraine is long gone, everyone is back to their own bed, happy weekend to all!!!!

9 thoughts on “Migraine.

  1. Sorry about your migraine. I get them too, so I completely understand how horrible they are. Are you on any kind of preventative? I take propranolol and it seems to help (it doesn’t really stop the all together, but at least when I get them they are not too bad). So glad you are feeling better! Nola is a pro at the migraine days. I never had one when Anna was with us, but Laynie was good about laying with me and being quiet too!

    • I take Propanalol also and I agree, it does lessen severity! Some of them just sneak up and take on a life of there own, this one required the ER to help. So thankful they realize how painful they are and work quickly to help! I’m thankful for the help I always get but never more so for how wonderful Melvin has always been. I don’t know how you work human kids into migraine days — ahhhhhhhh!

  2. Believe me I feel your pain…Bless you with big hugs…migraines are…well there really isn’t words to adequately describe them…But on a wonderful note, we have our little doggie angels to help comfort us through the pain…That pic where they snuggled in together, so sweet…Even if only for a moment!!!! Have a blessed week!!!!

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