Size matters. Or does it?

I have always had big dogs (labs, newfies, you get it).  When I look on adoption sites or go head to adoption events, I for whatever reason, only have eyes for dogs over 40 lbs, usually over 60 lbs.  The funny thing is, walking two large dogs is not my strong suit (I can barely walk myself).  I would seek out a large, second dog and the whole time I’d worry wonder about the logistics of handling them both.  Never once, not ever, did I consider a smaller dog to accommodate those concerns. I’m not sure where my discrimination stems from. It might be that Melvin spends so much time underfoot and I’m always happy that he’s bigger so when I step on him he doesn’t break.

Enter Jake.  Jake is under my 40 lb threshold, weighing in at 31.  He is a little dog. But he’s not a little dog.  There are days he is bigger than Melvin.  He is the biggest, small dog ever.  He’s actually more like a statue of the biggest, small dog ever.  Almost immovable or incapable of bending.  I see people picking up their little dogs and holding them.  Uh good luck picking up Jake, you’d be better off picking a building.  Jake goes into freeze frame if you attempt to lift him, seriously, I have pulled muscles just trying.  He likes all four paws, firmly planted on the ground and while in your arms he is pure stone.

So now, I have one big dog and one fake small dog. And yes, Jake gets stepped on.  Melvin has landed on him (hopefully not on purpose) and he’s been clipped by human feet a few times. He’s still alive and kicking (I’m sure his rescue group just gasped.).  Walking them is a normal amount of difficult (no one has fallen down yet) so that is all good.

Some photos of the boys who finally got to have some quality time outside this weekend…

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9 thoughts on “Size matters. Or does it?

  1. Love that – “The biggest smallest dog ever”. Great description. Like you, I love the big guys and gal. I’ve never thought of a smaller dog. Maybe for my second, I should 🙂

  2. That’s so funny about Jake freezing when you try to pick him up! It sounds like exactly the opposite of Ragdoll cats, who go limp when you try to pick them up. Lily makes the best faces when I pick her up– she gets this resigned look on her face like, “Really, this again?”

  3. I’ve always liked bigger dogs too but Jake is truly a gem 🙂

    Our latest pibble addition came from a cruelty situation and as a result her growth was stunted. At approximately 7 months she’s maybe 30 lbs but like Jake she has a BIG personality!

  4. I had to read this post again & shared it with Ryan. I love the pictures in this one, especially of Jake because well, you can see what a “big little dog” he really is. We are familiar with the stiff-as-a-statue bit. Beamer goes all “heavy as a brick, stiff as a board” on Ryan when he tries to pick him up. It’s about the funniest thing you could ever watch. Thanks for sharing and making us laugh 🙂

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