I love, I love, I love my calendar dog!

In my opinion, every day should be March 15th! We should move Christmas! Today is the day that Melvin’s lovely face is on the Workman Publishing 2013 Dog calendar!  People all over the world are flipping to this page and saying ‘hot damn that dog is ADORABLE!’!  If there is life on Mars, they most definitely have this calendar as well!

It’s the Ides of March, the day Caesar (Julius not Milan) died, yada yada yada – you know you just want to see the photos!  First, our most heartfelt thanks to the AMAZING Bev Hollis for making this happen!  We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE you!!!  Check out the link, Bev has my boy on her blog today!! Leave her a comment!

And now… the star:

3 15 13d

3 15 13b

3 15 13c

3 15 13

3 15 13a

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