Bon voyage!

I am headed to a little place called Paradise Island!  The boys will be spending five glorious days with the wonderful Vasha (who will hopefully still love us after she sees the 98 pages of instruction that I left for her!)! I miss them already but they LOVE Vasha and she sends lots of photos to let me know they are having a great time in my absence!

Boys, check!  Luggage, check!  International data roaming plan so I can read all your blogs while I’m lounging at the beach, sipping on adult beverages. CHECK. CHECK. CHECK!

I won’t be posting but I hope you will be!

xoxo, me.

paradise island

10 thoughts on “Bon voyage!

  1. Awesome, you deserve a trip away to relax, try not to worry about the boys, I’m sure they will be just fine and happy to see you when you get back. I’ll be posting away like usual… I just might have to mention in those posts how jealous I am of your vacation!

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