The loft.

The upstairs portion of the house has the bedrooms and the laundry room.  At the top of the stairs is a loft area.  There has been furniture up there but it was a bit hodge-podge and it’s been on my list of areas in the house to work on. Some chick named Emily from Our Waldo Bungie fame is visiting this month so decorating needed to kick into overdrive (rumor has it she can be pretty diva-like about accommodations — think J Lo style demands! ). So that is what I did this weekend.  The new furniture arrived and assembly began.  I really hate assembly.

The goal for the loft was for it to be relaxing (for humans and dogs).  There is no TV in the guest room so this is sort of suite for guests to chill in also. Additionally, I love spending lazy Sundays in the loft with the dogs while doing laundry and catching up on meaningless TV shows on E! world news and current events.

The loft is not finished just yet, a new TV stand and new ottoman (ordered from the Joss & Main Yellow Brick Home Curator sale) are en route.  But something tells me the area feels relaxing already…

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21 thoughts on “The loft.

    • I need to do a post on the Lab painting. I commissioned an artist from a school for those with special needs to paint that portrait of Max. it is one of my most prized possessions!

    • Melvin could take or leave that teepee, in fact before I got Jake I was going to retire it to the basement. Now, Jake LOVES it. He runs to it. I think that’s because Melvin sometimes claims the couch and Jake feels he can claim the hut!

  1. What a great space….and so lovely to have this for your guests! I’m in love with your rug, curtains and your couch. Your style is very similar to mine!

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