Working from home.

I had a migraine last night so I opted to work from home this morning.  I needed darkness, not the burning hot sun-lights at the office.  There are very few things that I would rate as positive about a migraine morning, except that today, I brought Jake up on the bed and he and Melvin were each able to amicably find a spot.  Best. Medicine. Ever!

Happy weekend!


I am not supposed to be up here, I can just feel him looking at me.


Can he see me?


Can he see me now?



Melvin’s face says it all.

7 thoughts on “Working from home.

  1. Aww I’m sure they didn’t want to make you feel any worse than you already do. Dogs are such good nurses/heating pads 🙂

    Hope the migraine passes quickly!

  2. Oh my gosh, Teeny was the same way with Rufus! Whenever she was allowed on the bed or on the couch, she kind of checked in with Rufus constantly to make sure he wasn’t super angry at her, haha. I love these two!

  3. Oh no…BOO on migraines…Believe me I know how you feel and oh so glad you were able to be home…You are so blessed to have such fabulous male nurses to help comfort you!!!! Hugs–

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