Fraggle Rock.

The most wonderful thing happened this weekend.  I got to meet some wonderfully, awesome women.  Women that I admire not only for their kick-ass writing and photography skills, but mostly because they love and save dogs.  Each one of them does what I so desperately want to do one day, they foster pit bulls.

E from Our Waldo Bungie came to town and to say this chick is delightful is to say the sun is bright.  She is funny, caring, bubbly and to see her interact with Jake and Melvin, you just know she’s ‘one of us’.  E tells it like it is, and that happens to be one of my favorite qualities in a person.  She traveled all the way from KC to visit and never got to see a single Washington, DC structure up close.  That just means she has to come back for part-two!

Kate with a Camera lives ten miles away and we had yet to meet!  Guess what Kate, I’m probably gonna drop in unannounced regularly cause you’re awesome! Kate is warm and gentle and funny.  Not only did I get to meet Kate, I got to meet Moe(!) — he’s MUCH bigger than you’d expect and he is full of wiggles and dog giggles and I most definitely want to steal him.  I also met Heidi, who is full on LOVELY   The most ethereal dog I have ever laid eyes on.  She literally glows.  And Melanie, she is the perfect balance of sass and gorgeousness and I’m pretty sure she knows she rules that roost!  And even though he wasn’t there to meet, you can feel Nemo’s presence.  He’s all around, and I loved that part.

Then I got to meet J from Peace, Love & Fostering!  And J brought Johnnie (could this weekend get any better?)!  J (the human) is awesome and energetic and her passion for rescue and pit bulls is palpable.  Johnnie is all kinds of lovely and the interaction between the two of them is a beautiful thing to watch.

We also got to have dinner with K from The Crowded Couch!  It was so cool to meet her, this woman has fostered over 20 dogs(!), most (if not all of them) were Pit Bulls and she is wonderfully knowledgeable and super funny.

It was a seriously kick-ass weekend, full of laughter and dogs and more laughter.  And yet, I didn’t take a single photo!  Suffice it to say I have the moments burned into my brain — and let me tell you, they are some kind of awesome!

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  1. Funner times have never been had! Thanks for letting me crash your pad! Is Melvin sneaking into the guest room to see if my scent is lingering? Is Jake staring at both windows (at the same time) waiting for my return? Gerddddd, I miss them already!

    PS – I totes saw the Washington Monument… from the metro.

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