The nose knows.

In addition to having his jacked-up tooth pulled, Jake got his nostrils widened last week.  Those things were TIGHT and when he’d breathe, he’d wheeze.  Since having the procedure he does seem to breathe easier (his snoring is still crazy loud) but one other benefit has surfaced, he can now smell.  He has spent the last few days sniffing every surface of the house and the outdoors.  I liken it to someone who was blind and can now see.  Mostly, he has spent a tremendous amount of time with his nose up Melvin’s butt.  Ahhhhhh, welcome to the world of being a dog Jake!

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8 thoughts on “The nose knows.

  1. That’s awesome. I’d love to know what Jake is thinking about all the new smells but also what Melvin thinks about having Jake constantly all up in his business! 😉

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