Thursday already?

I am pretty sure that this week is the first time I have ever missed a Wordless Wednesday. However, I guess by not posting, it still remains wordless.

This week has been insanely busy.  I have barely seen the boys, in fact the dog walker has fed them dinner more this week than I have. Boo!  (the dog walker herself is of course awesome!).  I mean, you know it’s a busy week when our bajillionth order of Sirius Republic collars comes, sits in the mailbox for days, and then on the counter for more days until I am finally able to get them on the boys!  Too. Busy. Indeed!

Here are my little hipsters, post rave, and their new collars…

5 9 13

5 9 13d

I don’t know why he’s in my bed and I’m on the floor but I’m too beat to care.

5 9 13b

5 9 13c

5 9 13a

Where you been woman?

6 thoughts on “Thursday already?

  1. So apparently brilliant minds think alike – totally ordered this for Ru-man a few days ago, haha. It looks adorable on your two! I especially enjoy it on Jake – it seems to fit his goofy vibe.

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